About the GCSC First Year Fellowship

The Global Change and Sustainability Center provides fellowships to help recruit outstanding graduate students, to develop robust interdisciplinary environment and sustainability research, and to provide outstanding educational opportunities to graduate students from underrepresented groups. The one-year program supports graduate students during their first year of studies while they interact as an interdisciplinary cohort.

This opportunity is available to students in their first year of graduate study at the University of Utah who will be working with GCSC-affiliated faculty. Graduate student applicants who wish to be considered for this opportunity do not apply directly, but should signal their interest to their potential advisor or the Director of Graduate Studies in the department to which they are applying. Nominations for GCSC First Year Fellowships are submitted by affiliated Colleges to the GCSC Fellowship Committee.

  • Only new students who are being recruited to work with GCSC-affiliated faculty are eligible. Potential fellows application and admission to the University follows the usual departmental / Graduate School recruiting process.
  • We offer three levels of fellowship support, allowing us to leverage the available funding. We welcome requests for summer fellowships (one semester), academic year fellowships (two semesters), or full year fellowships (three semesters). Partial fellowship offers must be combined with other departmental/advisor support (i.e. RA or TA) to make a competitive offer.

  • All GCSC Fellows are expected to participate in GCSC events such as the fall retreat and annual Research Symposium.
  • All Fellows are required to enroll in the GCSC seminar course (SUST 6800, Tuesdays, 4 pm, Fall and Spring semesters, 1 credit hour) in Fall and Spring their first year.
  • Students who are awarded the 2-semester or 3-semester fellowships are required to participate in the GCSC interdisciplinary project-based course Global Changes and Society (SUST 6000) during Spring semester of their fellowship year.

Step 1: Nomination

Prospective graduate students do not apply directly for the fellowship, rather, the potential faculty advisor makes the nomination.  Advisors will send their nomination materials to the GCSC faculty representative from each college (see Executive Committee). Each college is then invited to submit no more than 3 nominations to the GCSC Graduate Fellow recruitment committee. These nominations should be ranked in order of college priority. (The committee will not consider more than one student per faculty advisor.)

Each nomination must include the following:

(a)  A letter from the nominating GCSC affiliate faculty member indicating:

  • that this student will be working under their supervision
  • why the student should be considered for a GCSC fellowship
  • faculty advisor’s support of the student’s participation in the fellowship program (see requirements of fellows, above)
  • available matching or supporting funds
  • the department/advisor’s financial commitment for student support beyond the 1st year
  • Specifically indicate whether the student is being nominated for a 1, 2, or 3-semester fellowship.

(b) The nominee’s complete graduate school application packet

(c)  A letter from the student describing their interest in interdisciplinary environment and sustainability related research and training. This letter should be solicited by the nominating faculty member.

(d)  A statement from the department’s chair of graduate studies indicating that the student has been (or will be, upon admission to the U) admitted into your department’s graduate program.

(e) The names and contact information of department personnel who should be consulted or informed regarding fellowship offers (i.e. graduate advisors, financial officers)

Step 2: Submitting College nominees to the GCSC

The college representative is responsible for working with the GCSC affiliate faculty from their college to establish and communicate the process for determining which applications will be forwarded for consideration. Each college is invited to submit no more than 3 ranked fellowship nominations to the GCSC. Nominations must be submitted to the GCSC (via email to gcsc@utah.edu) by the announced deadline.

Step 3: GCSC Graduate Fellowship offers

An interdisciplinary GCSC Fellowship Selection Committee will review all submitted nominations and will decide on fellowship offers to be made starting in the first week of March. Priority will be given to nominees that include some level of matching support and to students from underrepresented groups. We will be in close contact with nominating faculty as decisions are made.

Step 4: Welcome the new GCSC Graduate Fellows!

Fellows are introduced to their cohort members and welcomed into our interdisciplinary community at the fall Retreat.

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