About Us

The Global Change and Sustainability Center facilitates interactions among scientists, creative researchers, engineers, and policymakers who are interested in understanding the complex challenges and dynamics in both natural and human-built ecosystems.


In 2009, united by a shared interest in interdisciplinary research and graduate training, faculty from four colleges founded the Global Change and Ecosystem Center, with the goal of bridging colleges, departments, and disciplines to stimulate environmental research and training.

The Center initially included ~20 faculty from four colleges. Membership has expanded continuously, and the affiliated colleges today represent a broad spectrum of faculty interested in sustainability, dynamics and adaptation in ecological systems, climate systems, and interrelated impacts between global changes and society.┬áTo better reflect the range of interests, in April, 2012, the name was changed to the Global Change and Sustainability Center (GCSC). Today, the GCSC functions as a branch of the University of Utah’s Sustainability Office.

The Center promotes interdisciplinary research by faculty and students on the structure and functioning of both natural and human built systems and on the impacts of global changes on these systems. GCSC-affiliated faculty have noted strengths in water, air, and climate, ecological dynamics, environmental change, humans and their environment, energy, food systems, and environmental policy and law.

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