Brenda B. Bowen

Professor, Geology & Geophysics
Director, Global Change & Sustainability Center

Dr. Brenda Bowen is an interdisciplinary geoscientist whose work focuses on how changing environmental conditions influence the composition of sediments, authigenic minerals, and fluids in both modern dynamic systems and ancient lithified strata. Current projects are focused on anthropological impacts on modern surface and hydrological processes, sedimentology and geobiology in extreme environments, geologic CO2 sequestration, and structural diagenesis and fluid flow. In addition to her geologic research and teaching, Dr. Bowen works to facilitate interdisciplinary environmental research and education that address critical issues related to understanding global change and creating sustainable solutions.

Office: 251 FASB
Phone: (801) 585-5326
2005 Ph.D., Geology and Geophysics, University of Utah
2000 M.S., Earth Sciences, University of California, Santa Cruz
1998 B.S., Earth Sciences, University of California, Santa Cruz


Research Statement:

My research contributes towards understanding physical and chemical processes in sedimentary systems. I am interested in the processes that create and modify ancient environmental records and provide signatures of changing conditions over time. Changing environmental conditions influence the composition of sediments, authigenic minerals, and fluids in both modern dynamic surface systems and ancient lithified strata. Sediments and the fluids that they come into contact with, provide geologic records that are influenced by the lithosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere. My work explores these records and the relationships between environmental conditions, changes in surface and subsurface fluid chemistry (e.g., brines, groundwater, hydrocarbons, gasses), and sedimentary mineralogy and geochemistry. I seek to understand controls on fluid-sediment interactions on microscopic to regional scales, and to identify the affects of large-scale parameters such as depositional environment, climate, geochemical conditions, weathering, biological influences, tectonic evolution, burial history, and human-induced changes. These parameters impact the types of materials that compose detrital sediments, the mineralogy of authigenic minerals that form in-situ, and the geochemistry of pore and surface fluids. My research utilizes a wide range of field-based, computational, and lab based tools including imaging spectroscopy, fluid and sedimentary geochemistry, and petrography. My work is also very interdisciplinary, relying on collaborations with engineers, microbiologists, social scientists, planners, artists, and more.

My research is focused in the following areas:

  • Surface processes in modern extreme environments
    • Evolution of acid and saline systems
    • Interplay between biologic and geologic processes in extreme environments
  • Fluids and basin evolution
    • Provenance of detrital and authigenic sedimentary minerals
    • Structural diagenesis
  • Sustainable energy systems
    • Geologic CO2 sequestration
    • Energy and the environment
  • Anthropogenic impacts on the natural environment
    • Sustainability and stewardship of urban creeks
    • Community impacts on air quality

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Brenda Bowen on Bonneville Salt FlatsBrenda B. Bowen
Associate Professor, Geology & Geophysics, University of Utah
Director, Global Change and Sustainability Center

Research: Fluid-sediment interactions, surface processes, diagenesis, fluid flow, basin evolution, structural diagenesis, remote sensing, environmental change, sustainability


Research group alumni

Jeremiah Bernau
University of Utah, Geology & Geophysics PhD
Research: Deposition, diagenesis, and surface dynamics at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Evan Kipnis
2021: Research Scientist at Alpha Portfolio, LLC
University of Utah, Geology & Geophysics PhD
Research: Hydrology, geochemistry, surface processes, and drivers of change at the Bonneville Salt Flats

Jory Lerback
2021: UC Presidential Post-doctoral Fellow at University of California, Los Angeles
University of Utah, Geology & Geophysics PhD
Research: Constraining the role and effects of structurally-driven fluid flow in groundwater and spring systems in the Basin and Range.

Hannah Stinson
University of Utah Geology & Geophysics + Environmental & Sustainability Studies undergraduate
Eolian deposition on the Bonneville Salt Flats

Logan “Wren” Raming
University of Utah, Geology & Geophysics undergraduate
Research: Spatiotemporal remote sensing analysis of environmental conditions and surface processes at the Bonneville Salt Flats

Thomas Lovell
Purdue University PhD
Research: Intercratonic records of North American sediment dispersal and burial history

Alexander Gonzalez
University of Utah MS student, 2013
Research: Geochemical and mineralogical evaluation of CO2-brine-rock experiments: Characterizing porosity and permeability variations in the Cambrian Mount Simon Sandstone

Stacy Story
Purdue University PhD student, 2012
Research: Mineralogy of acid saline lake systems in southern Western Australia

Julianne Bell
Purdue University PhD student, 2011
Research: Spectroscopy, mineralogy, and morphology of a jarosite-bearing landmark butte within the Jurassic Navajo Sandstone

Ryan Neufelder
Purdue University MS student, 2011
Research: Petrographic, mineralogical, and geochemical evidence of diagenesis in the Eau Claire Formation, Illinois Basin: Implications for sealing capability in a CO2 sequestration system

Nathan Wilkens
Purdue University Postdoctoral Researcher, 2010-2011
Research: Environmental preservation in the Cambrian Mount Simon Sandstone

Raul Ochoa
Purdue University MS student, 2010
Research: Porosity characterization and diagenetic facies analysis of the Cambrian Mount Simon Sandstone: Implications for a regional CO2 sequestration reservoir

Nicholas Fischietto
Purdue University MS student, 2009
Research: Lithofacies and depositional environments of the Cambrian Mount Simon Sandstone in the northern Illinois Basin: Implications for CO2 sequestration

The Salt is Breathing: Biotic or Abiotic CO2 Flux on the Bonneville Salt Flats: College of Mines and Earth Sciences VPR Seed Grant (Sole PI), 2021-2022, $27,500

Revolving Sky: Artists and Scientists Exploring Human Experiences of Earth and Sky: 1U4U Innovation Funding, University of Utah (Co-PI), 2020-2021, $30,000

Investigation of Jarosite and Alunite in Jurassic Sandstones as Analogs for Layered Sulfate-bearing Deposits on Mars: NASA Solar Systems Workings (Co-I), 2019-2021, $50,000 (total $640,000 to CU Boulder, subcontract to UU)

Hydrologic Systems, Human Consumption, and Aridland Spring Sustainability: University of Utah, Society, Water, and Climate Transformative Excellence Program seed grant (Co-PI) and NEXUS seed grant (Lead PI), 2017-2020, $25,000.

Adaptation, Mitigation, and Biophysical Feedbacks in the Changing Bonneville Salt Flats: NSF Coupled Natural Human Systems, 2016-2020

Salt Crust Thickness Study of the Bonneville Salt Flats (PI: Bowen), 2015-2018

Geomicrobiology of the Bonneville Salt Flats: NASA EPSCoR (Co-PI: Bowen), 2014-2015

Friends of Red Butte Creek: Research, Outreach, and Education Grants: Salt Lake County Watershed Planning and Restoration Program (PI: Bowen), 2013-2015

U-S2TEM Scholars- Undergraduate Sustainability Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Scholars: National Science Foundation (Co-PI: Bowen), 2013-2018

Training Students to Analyze Spatial and Temporal Heterogeneities in Reservoir and Seal Petrology, Mineralogy, and Geochemistry: Implications for CO2 Sequestration Prediction, Simulation, and Monitoring: U.S. Department of Energy (PI: Bowen), 2010-2013

Analytical-Numerical Sharp-Interface Model of CO2 Sequestration and Application to Illinois Basin: U.S. Department of Energy (Co-PI: Bowen), 2009-2012

Petrological and Petrophysical Characterization of the Mount Simon Sandstone and Eau Claire Formation in Support of Phase III Sequestration Evaluation: Indiana Geological Survey / U.S. Department of Energy (Co-PI: Bowen), 2008-2014

Depositional and Diagenetic Heterogeneities of the Mt. Simon Sandstone and Eau Claire Formation: Midwest Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership / U.S. Department of Energy (Co-PI: Bowen), 2008-2011

The evolution of extremely acid lakes and groundwaters in Western Australia: National Science Foundation (Co-PI: Bowen), 2008 – 2012

Evaluating the History of Eolian and Interdune Fluid-Sediment Interactions and Mass Transfer in an Acid and Redox Influenced Diagenetic System: Mollies Nipple, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument: American Chemical Society- Petroleum Research Fund (PI: Bowen), 2007-2010

Bowen research team on Bonneville Salt Flats

Bowen research team on Bonneville Salt Flats, Fall 2016

oceans class 2015

“Oceans” class exploring the Great Salt Lake as an ocean analog, Fall 2015Aerial view Bowen research team on Bonneville Salt FlatsAerial photo of Bowen research team on Bonneville Salt Flats

Student authors underlined

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