Amber Barron

Materials Engineering for a Better World

In developing countries, gender inequality can be exacerbated by the obstacles to work and education that women with limited resources face each month in dealing with menstruation. U-S2TEM scholar Amber Barron, a junior in Materials Science, is one of the women on the team developing a solution. The SHERO pad can be made with locally-sourced […]

Eric Sjöberg on Environmental Economics

Continuing our spotlights on GCSC faculty affiliate research, this month we chat with Eric Sjoberg, assistant professor in the Department of Economics. Why did you come to the University of Utah? On a professional level, I like the work my department does. We have a breadth in our approach to economics – it’s a really […]

Affiliate Faculty Honored at Celebrate U

You may have noticed a common thread as the J. Willard Marriott Library and the Office of the Vice President for Research hosted the second annual CELEBRATE U: A Showcase of Extraordinary Faculty Achievements. Seven of the 30 honorees–the top faculty research award and grant recipients from each college in 2016–were GCSC faculty affiliates. Two […]

Divya Chandrasekhar on social capacity and community recovery

By Liz Ivkovich, Global Change and Sustainability Center When Superstorm Sandy blew through Staten Island in 2012, Joe’s asphalt and concrete equipment was washed away along with $19 billion of New York infrastructure. A business owner in his early 60s, Joe owned his dump trucks, pavers, and rollers outright. Now he was left with two […]

Improved batteries for renewable energy storage

Utah averages 222 sunny days each year, which is great for those of us who get some of our energy from solar panels. But options for storing the sun’s energy on overcast days have limited efficiency and duration of storage. Shelley Minteer, a new GCSC faculty affiliate from the Departments of Chemistry and Materials Science […]