Steve Burian Receives Award from President of Pakistan

In recognition of Steve’s services to education, the President of Pakistan has decided to confer upon him the honor/ medal of Sitara-e-Imtiaz (translation: Star of Excellence). Steve is the Principal Investigator for the USAID-funded U.S.-Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Water. This collaboration aims to help secure the availability of clean water through education and […]

stream flowing over rocks

Follstad Shah’s contribution to global project on river ecology

GCSC faculty affiliate Jennifer Follstad Shah, assistant professor in the Environmental & Sustainability Studies program and research assistant professor in geography, joined with researchers from 40 countries in an effort to better understand how climate effects river ecosystems. Read about the massive project in U News.

Workshop on Urban Greenhouse Gas Emissions

With the support of GCSC staff, the Land-Atmosphere Interactions Research Group (LAIR) hosted the second CO2-Urban Synthesis and Analysis workshop in SLC on Oct 24-25. The workshop brought together close to 100 leading researchers and stakeholders from around the nation working on understanding and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions from cities. The University of Utah has […]

Keith Diaz Moore

Keith Diaz Moore on health and the environment

Keith Diaz Moore is both the Interim Chief Sustainability Officer and the Dean of the College of Architecture and Planning. In this Humans of the U profile, he tells about his motivations related to health and sustainability, his belief in education, and his hopes for the U of U.  Read it here.

Anderegg sampling aspen tree

Award to Anderegg for studying the future of forests

Bill Anderegg, GCSC affiliate and Assistant Professor in the U’s School of Biological Sciences, has been awarded a Packard Fellowship to support his research to understand the future of forests in a changing climate. He aims to use this flexible funding to conduct long-term climate change research that’s hard or nearly impossible to fund with […]