NASA image is a dark blue US map showing bright spots and splashes indicating electrical power.

New U.S.-Canada Center on Climate-Resilient Western Interconnected Grid

The West’s electrical grid is a 136,000-mile patchwork of transmission lines connecting two Canadian provinces, 11 Western states and pieces of three others, serving 80 million people. While it drives […]

ADVANCE grant researchers Mercedes Ward, Brenda Bowen, Claudia Geist, Taylor Randall, Myra Washington and Ramón Barthelemy pose with Erin Rothwell.

ADVANCING women faculty in STEM

To build on the U’s current efforts supporting women from diverse backgrounds, especially Women of Color and queer women, the university is embarking on an institutional transformation project using a […]

A Google car with atmospheric gas measuring instrumentation is in the University of Utah stadium parking lot.

Researchers use Google cars to pinpoint air pollution sources

In 2019, University of Utah atmospheric scientists, the Environmental Defense Fund and other partners added a new tool to their quiver of air quality monitors—two Google Street View cars, Salt […]

A forest fire sends orange smoke from blackened conifers billowing into the night sky.

How climate change puts property values at risk in forested areas

GCSC affiliate faculty Bill Anderegg, Sara Grineski, Tim Collins and colleagues have published a study looking at the potential effects of wildfire and tree mortality on property values in these […]

Brenda Bowen, smiling, wearing a dark blue suit jacket.

Brenda Bowen Appointed Chair, Department of Atmospheric Sciences

The College of Science and the College of Mines and Earth Sciences (CMES) are pleased to announce that Professor Brenda Bowen has agreed to serve as the next chair of […]