plane dropping fire retardant

Mapping Escape Routes for Firefighters

A new study has developed a mapping tool that may be used in the future to help crews fighting wildfires map the most efficient escape routes. Author Michael Campbell is a doctoral student with co-author Phil Dennison, Department of Geography professor and GCSC faculty affiliate. Read more about how crews currently determine routes and how the […]

trees in forest

Affiliates receive award for interdisciplinary research on sustainability of woodland health and human livelihoods

GCSC faculty affiliates from three colleges were successful in competing for an NSF award to research coupled natural-human systems. Researchers Brian Codding (PI), Phil Dennison (Co-PI, Geography), Shane Macfarlan (Anthropology), Simon Brewer (Geography) are from the College of Social and Behavioral Science. Bill Anderegg (Co-PI, Biology) is in the College of Science, and Court Strong […]

Strategic Plan 2012-2017 Report

Working with faculty affiliates from across the University, we created the 2012-2017 GCSC Strategic Plan to help refine and focus the goals of the center, and to define the metrics that would allow us to evaluate our success. Here we present the outcomes of the 2012-2017 GCSC Strategic Plan and demonstrate the significant positive impact […]

Wind Energy in Urban Environments – Meredith Metzger

GCSC faculty affiliate Meredith Metzger, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, leads a team that is investigating the optimal design for vertical axis wind turbines. VAWTs are ideally suited to urban and suburban environments. Metzger’s team found that one design configurations at a test site produced electricity at a cost 10 percent lower than the average national […]

Center for Ecological Planning and Design logo and image

Our new parter – Center for Ecological Planning and Design

We have a new partnership with the newly-constituted Center for Ecological Planning and Design. Two entities in the College of Architecture + Planning, the provisional Ecological Planning Center and the Integrated Technology in Architecture Center, have melded to “bridge the gaps between research and the design and planning fields, both within CA+P and across campus, […]