Mendoza & Lin: How Much Can Transit Improve Air Quality?

It makes sense that riding public transit is better for air quality than single riders each driving a personal vehicle. In a new study, GCSC affiliates Daniel Mendoza and John Lin, along with colleague Martin Buchert, quantify those emissions reductions. The research team analyzed rider data along with transit service schedules and routes to estimate […]

A spoonful of humor: Sara Yeo receives grant to study humor in science communication

Does the use of humor make science concepts more palatable to the listener? Sara Yeo, Assistant Professor of Communication, has received an NSF grant to find answers. The research questions are: How do lay audiences respond to messages about scientific issues on social media that use humor? What are scientists’ views toward using humor in […]

aerial view of instrument tower above evergreen trees

Understanding forest’s response to climate change

GCSC affiliate Dave Bowling, Professor of Biology, studies ecosystem ecology. His research focuses on how organisms in their natural habitats are affected by biological and physical factors, and how these organisms in turn modify their environment. Bowling is part of a team whose recent study shows how satellite technology enables researchers to better measure CO2 […]

Faculty Interdisciplinary Research Seed Grants 2019

Seed grants are intended to help foster new interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary sustainability and global / environmental change research. The projects below are seen as investments that are likely to lead to new publications and future external grant funding. 2019 seed grant awardees: Funding was provided by the Global Change and Sustainability Center, the Society Water […]

Steve Burian Receives Award from President of Pakistan

In recognition of Steve‚Äôs services to education, the President of Pakistan has decided to confer upon him the honor/ medal of Sitara-e-Imtiaz (translation: Star of Excellence). Steve is the Principal Investigator for the USAID-funded U.S.-Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Water. This collaboration aims to help secure the availability of clean water through education and […]