F. Adler, P. Coley, W. Anderegg

GCSC Faculty Affiliates Honored for Contributions to Ecology

The Ecological Society of America has elected three of our affiliated faculty in recognition of their contributions to the science of ecology. To read more about the contributions of Fred Adler, Departments of Mathematics and Biology, Phyllis Coley, Department of Biology, and Bill Anderegg, Department of Biology, go to this UNews article,

Awards for Sustainability Leadership

Alta Ski Area partners with the University of Utah Sustainability Office to recognize and reward leadership in research, education, community partnership, or campus as a living lab. Nominate someone for a cash award. Read more here.

Bill Anderegg – Researching Forest Ecosystems

In this installment of our regular research spotlight series, we learn more about his work researching drought recovery and forest die-off, his role in a recently awarded NSF Dynamics of Coupled Natural and Human Systems grant, and how he connects people to his research. Welcome to campus! What brought you to the U? I was […]

It Takes More Than Rain to Recover from Drought

You might think that the antidote to drought is rain, but there is more to ecosystem recovery than a period of generous rainfall. William Anderegg, Assistant Professor of Biology and GCSC faculty affiliate, studies how drought and climate change affect forest ecosystems, including tree physiology, species interactions, carbon cycling, and biosphere-atmosphere feedbacks. Anderegg is part of […]

plane dropping fire retardant

Mapping Escape Routes for Firefighters

A new study has developed a mapping tool that may be used in the future to help crews fighting wildfires map the most efficient escape routes. Author Michael Campbell is a doctoral student with co-author Phil Dennison, Department of Geography professor and GCSC faculty affiliate. Read more about how crews currently determine routes and how the […]