Air Quality

Melding Perspectives, Finding Solutions

Originally posted on March 19, 2018. In Utah, the second driest state in the country, water is a critical issue. Our water systems are interconnected with human systems, and as our population expands […]

Eric Sjöberg on Environmental Economics

Continuing our spotlights on GCSC faculty affiliate research, this month we chat with Eric Sjoberg, assistant professor in the Department of Economics. Why did you come to the University of […]

Utah Atmospheric Trace Gas & Air Quality Lab

Utah Atmospheric Trace Gas & Air Quality (UATAQ) lab began as a joint effort between the GCSC and the Departments of Biology and Atmospheric Science. UATAQ collects and analyzes trace gas […]

View Distributions of Air Pollutants in SLC

A pilot project by Logan Mitchell, John Lin,, uses mobile sample collection via TRAX and shows the spatial and temporal distributions of CO2, methane, and ozone in Salt Lake […]