Climate Change

A forest fire sends orange smoke from blackened conifers billowing into the night sky.

How climate change puts property values at risk in forested areas

GCSC affiliate faculty Bill Anderegg, Sara Grineski, Tim Collins and colleagues have published a study looking at the potential effects of wildfire and tree mortality on property values in these […]

A huge sculpture of a red block U on the University of Utah campus among green trees and lawn.

New Climate Change Action Plan for the U

In 2010, the University of Utah completed its first Climate Action Plan. Since that time, great progress has been made and much has changed. Climate change worsens existing problems globally […]

trees in forest

Anderegg: Know the Risks of Investing in Forests

William Anderegg, Assistant Professor in the School of Biological Sciences, has a central research question: What is the future of ecosystems in a changing climate? His lab studies how drought and […]

researchers load rafts in preparation to float the canyon river

Exploring Environmental Change in Cataract Canyon

An interdisciplinary cohort of GCSC faculty joined government researchers and community partners over Fall Break for a week-long trip down the Colorado River to explore environmental change in Cataract Canyon.  […]

stream flowing over rocks

Follstad Shah’s contribution to global project on river ecology

GCSC faculty affiliate Jennifer Follstad Shah, assistant professor in the Environmental & Sustainability Studies program and research assistant professor in geography, joined with researchers from 40 countries in an effort […]