An array of solar panels against a blue sky dotted with white clouds.

The U reaches 71% renewable energy

By University of Utah Communications Originally published in @theU University of Utah Facilities Management has taken another important step forward as a leader in energy and sustainability by signing a […]

Wind Energy in Urban Environments – Meredith Metzger

GCSC faculty affiliate Meredith Metzger, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, leads a team that is investigating the optimal design for vertical axis wind turbines. VAWTs are ideally suited to urban […]

Roseanne Warren: Mechanical Engineering and Better Energy Storage

‘…there are so many questions to explore and vast possibilities for new ideas. At the same time, research in this field can have immediate societal impact.’ You have had a […]

Improved batteries for renewable energy storage

Utah averages 222 sunny days each year, which is great for those of us who get some of our energy from solar panels. But options for storing the sun’s energy […]

Lincoln Davies

Davies assesses solar power policies

Prices for home solar installations are dropping. If the trend continues, that’s good news for the environment. But policy changes in consumer net-metering in Nevada slowed the growth of solar […]