trees in forest

Anderegg: Know the Risks of Investing in Forests

William Anderegg, Assistant Professor in the School of Biological Sciences, has a central research question: What is the future of ecosystems in a changing climate? His lab studies how drought and climate change affect forest ecosystems, and seeks to gain a better mechanistic understanding of how climate change will affect forests around the world. In a […]

Tall buildings in Salt Lake City against the Wasatch Mountains, under a blue sky

Ewing: COVID-19 rates in urban centers

Research from GCSC affiliate Reid Ewing, College of Architecture + Planning, runs counter to the instincts that some city dwellers have had in fleeing to the suburbs in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Ewing is the Director of the Metropolitan Research Center at the U of U. In a study with his former graduate student and GCSC […]

Red Butte Creek Research & Teaching

The University of Utah Red Butte Creek Steering Committee is responsible for identifying, evaluating, authorizing, and monitoring all research activities associated with the creek from Red Butte Garden, through Research Park, to the University Village. As part of our Stormwater Management Plan the University of Utah strives to prevent pollution from entering Red Butte Creek […]

side by side maps compare measurements of NO2 in Utah on March 15-30 2019 to the same dates in 2020.

Mitchell: what happens to air quality when we stay home?

Logan Mitchell, Research Assistant Professor in Atmospheric Sciences and GCSC affiliate, monitors greenhouse gases in the Salt Lake urban region. He reports on the changes in air quality when residents have dramatically reduced vehicle trips during the coronavirus pandemic. Read about Dr. Mitchell’s preliminary findings on the Atmospheric Sciences page.

computer screen with graph. Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash.

GCSC Affiliates Contribute to COVID-19 Research

The University has awarded seed funding to support critical research to better understand and respond to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. GCSC affiliate faculty engaged in these efforts are shown below. Frederick Adler, Departments of Mathematics and Biology: Mathematically modeling the impact of viral interactions and evolution on the COVID-19 pandemic. Divya Chandrasekhar, […]