Nitty Gritty H2O

Bill Johnson, professor in Geology & Geophysics and director of the William P. Johnson Contaminant Transport Group, is a GCSC faculty affiliate conducting research related to water. Bill came to the UU in 1995. As a hydrogeochemist, he researches transport and cycling – the fate and transport of things in water. In this installment of […]

Melding Perspectives, Finding Solutions

Originally posted on March 19, 2018. In Utah, the second driest state in the country, water is a critical issue. Our water systems are interconnected with human systems, and as our population expands and the climate changes, protecting and sharing this resource equitably will require collaboration between researchers, practitioners and decision makers. When it comes to collaborative water […]

Brenda Bowen addresses water forum attendees while Steve Burian and Andrea Brunelle look on

Water Forum: Linking Stakeholds and Researchers

The University of Utah Water Forum on November 14, 2017, brought together UU researchers with local water resource managers, including a panel of representatives from Utah’s Division of Water Resources, Salt Lake City’s Department of Public Utilities, Utah’s Division of Water Quality, and Utah’s Division of Drinking Water. The forum introduced the new U Water […]

Landscape Lab: Interdisciplinary, Collaborative Redesign of the Williams Building Landscape

Although the upper portion of the Red Butte Creek watershed is a protected natural area, the creek’s lower reaches run through the University of Utah campus and have faced over a century of degradation, diversion, and neglect. Graduate students in the 2012 and 2013 Global Changes and Society course recognized this and brought it to […]