Seminars Addressing Environmental Equity and Justice

The GCSC Seminar Series has featured a number of speakers whose research and scholarship address issues related to equity, justice, and the environment. Log in to Canvas with your U of U network ID to view these seminars. Aradhna Tripati, Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, UCLA. February 26, 2019, ″Frontiers in the study of past […]

A man and a woman are standing on a white expanse of salt under a blue sky. They are gripping the four handles of a chest-high industrial drill.

Fall 2021 GCSC Seminars

Excerpted from an article by Maria Archibald on the Sustainability Office blog. The Global Change & Sustainability Center (GCSC) Seminar Series features a different speaker on alternate Tuesdays of the fall semester. All seminars will take place on Zoom. The seminar series this fall will focus on interdisciplinary sustainability research by faculty members from all […]

Rescuer on a water craft in front of a flooded home where a man wearing waders is carrying items out of the house.

GCSC seminar: disaster resilience in an unjust world

By Maria Archibald, Sustainability Office As climate-induced wildfires rage across the West and the COVID-19 pandemic continues to threaten our communities, many of us have disaster on the mind. How will we respond when disaster strikes close to home? How will we recover? How can we build our communities to be resilient in the face […]

Visioning Natural and Urban Resilience

In the western United States, most of our cities are situated in arid landscapes–dryland ecosystems or deserts.  Historically, dry landscapes have been viewed as wastelands, lacking value until we created a use for them. Most humans now live in cities, and dryland ecosystems are currently home to over 2 billion people worldwide. Like any other organism, […]