Amber Barron

Materials Engineering for a Better World

In developing countries, gender inequality can be exacerbated by the obstacles to work and education that women with limited resources face each month in dealing with menstruation. U-S2TEM scholar Amber Barron, a junior in Materials Science, is one of the women on the team developing a solution. The SHERO pad can be made with locally-sourced […]

Jory Lerback

GCSC Fellow Jory Lerback Champions Diversity

Before coming to the Department of Geology and Geophysics to study hydrology as a GCSC Fellow, Jory Lerback worked as a data analyst at the American Geophysical Union. Read about her findings of gender imbalance in peer review, and her efforts to champion a safe, inclusive, and diverse environment in her college. @theU article here.

Graduate Student Paper on Interdisciplinary Education

Students in the Global Changes and Society course drew on their experience in this interdisciplinary course, and have published a paper on project-based, interdisciplinary training in the Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management. “How society responds to increasing vulnerability and change will be a defining characteristic of the 21st century. Training students to address […]