Blanca Yagüe

<<Return to main menu Importance of Indigenous foods in the economy and social life of Indigenous peoples in Mitú –Blanca Yagüe

Savannah Bommarito

<<Return to main menu A multi-proxy analysis of fire, vegetation, and climatic conditions throughout the Holocene in the West Desert of Utah, United States –Savannah Bommarito, Andrea Brunelle, Isaac Hart

Weiye Xiao

<<Return to main menu The Resilience of Public Transit System against COVID-19: A Case Study in Salt Lake County –Weiye Xiao, Yehua Dennis Wei & Yangyi Wu

Maria Archibald

<<Return to main menu Learning by Doing: Designing a Climate Justice Curriculum with and for Young Activists -Maria Archibald

Hannah Hartley

<<Return to main menu Signals of cyclic seasonal sedimentation in Lake Powell, UT –Hannah Hartley, Cari Johnson, Scott Hynek