Kyle Brennan

<<Return to main menu Using Sr Isotopes in Otoliths to Determine Breeding Populations of Taku River Sockeye –Kyle G. Brennan

Climate drove 7,000 years of dietary changes

“What people eat, and how they get it, are a massive part of a person’s daily experience. Understanding what caused changes in those behaviors in the past is important to understanding how we may respond to changes in the future.” – Kurt Wilson.   Kurt is a doctoral candidate in anthropology and a past GCSC […]

Archana Dahal

<<Return to main menu Cyanotoxin impact on ecosystem functionality and environmental sustainability -Archana Dahal, Ramesh Goel

Talia Backman

<<Return to main menu The Role of Tailocins in Control of Plant Disease –Talia Backman, Talia Karasov

Abeer Sohrab

<<Return to main menu Study of surrogate pathogens in wastewater to ensure water sustainability –Abeer Sohrab, Ramesh Goel