student project

Kyle Brennan

<<Return to main menu Using Sr Isotopes in Otoliths to Determine Breeding Populations of Taku River Sockeye –Kyle G. Brennan

Archana Dahal

<<Return to main menu Cyanotoxin impact on ecosystem functionality and environmental sustainability -Archana Dahal, Ramesh Goel

Talia Backman

<<Return to main menu The Role of Tailocins in Control of Plant Disease –Talia Backman, Talia Karasov

Abeer Sohrab

<<Return to main menu Study of surrogate pathogens in wastewater to ensure water sustainability –Abeer Sohrab, Ramesh Goel

Hayley Kievman

<<Return to main menu Exploring Links Between Late Holocene Environmental Change and Indigenous Mussel Harvesting Strategies on the Northwest Coast of California –Hayley T. Kievman, Kurt M. Wilson, Roxanne L.F. Lamson, Brian F. Codding, Alexandra M. Greenwald