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profile of a person wearing a hoodie and a large backpack against an orange sunset

Students initiate study on air pollution and unhoused people

Who in city government tracks the environmental effects of air pollution on people experiencing homelessness? When students in the 2019 Global Changes and Society class looked into it, they found that […]

Lightning talk template and tips

Presenters can download a PowerPoint template here:  GCSC lightning talk template. The presentation includes 8 slides.  The first is an untimed title slide to introduce the presenter. Six subsequent slides are timed at 30 seconds each […]

Dearing Lab: woodrats’ diet and climate change

Woodrats can handle diets that are toxic to other animals, but a warming climate seems to affect their ability to tolerate toxins. The GCSC’s student research grant program helped fund […]

Amber Barron

Materials Engineering for a Better World

In developing countries, gender inequality can be exacerbated by the obstacles to work and education that women with limited resources face each month in dealing with menstruation. U-S2TEM scholar Amber […]