Salt Lake County Equitable Air Quality Task Force

The proposed Salt Lake County Equitable Air Quality Task Force will be comprised of a diverse group of individuals who are interested in finding equitable ways to improve air quality in Salt Lake County and analyzing the effects of poor air quality on vulnerable populations.



The Task Force will promote environmental justice by prioritizing the needs of the most vulnerable and susceptible populations, including but not limited to:  people experiencing homelessness (both sheltered and unsheltered), the elderly, the young, geographically-vulnerable communities, communities of color, and additional under-represented populations.


The purpose of the Task Force is to address the disproportionate impacts of poor air quality dispersed throughout Salt Lake County, to research how air quality impacts people of varying socio-economic status, and to recommend mitigation strategies and investments.

The Task Force has been proposed to both the City & County, and is in an ongoing process of formation.

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