Non-matriculated Student Application

Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in Sustainability

Application for Non-matriculated post-baccalaureate professionals

In order to be accepted to the Certificate program, non-matriculated students must provide: (1) confirmation of admission status as non-degree seeking student at the University of Utah, (2) transcripts confirming bachelors degree and GPA. The program application includes the following:

  1. A 500-1000 word essay describing your interest in interdisciplinary inquiry and collaboration and your reason for pursuing the Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in Sustainability (pdf file only)
  2. Completion of all form fields on the application found here.
  3. Unofficial transcripts
  4. In addition, you must have official transcripts mailed to:

Graduate Certificate in Sustainability
1635 Campus Center Dr., Room 50
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

     5. Upon acceptance, you will also be required to provide your proposed elective completion plan.
Download certificate completion plan form.

Students who have previously taken and passed the GCSC seminar course (BIOL 6964/SUST 6800) or Global Changes and Society (BIOL 7961-002/SUST 6000) course may apply those towards completing the Certificate.

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