Past Seminars

We have been honored to host visiting researchers who are experts from diverse fields, and to feature the work being undertaken here at the University of Utah. Explore below to see the history of the GCSC seminar series.

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  • Divya Chandrasekhar, City and Metropolitan Planning, University of Utah
    “A grassroots view of disaster recovery”
    How communities recover from disasters, the interactions underlying this recovery, and what it means to be disaster resilient in a complex, uncertain and unjust world.    Read more here
SEPTEMBER 22, 2020
  • Julie Sze, Professor of American Studies at UC Davis
    “Interdisciplinarity, Intersectionality and Environmental Justice: The Time is Now ”
    What role can colleges and universities in particular, and specific fields (sustainability, environmental policy, etc.)  play in addressing climate and other crises?     Read more here
OCTOBER 13, 2020
  • Daniel Mendoza, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Utah
    “The confluence of air quality, urban development, health, and social justice”
    Read more here
NOVEMBER 10, 2020
  • Sarah Hinners, Director, Center for Ecological Planning + Design, Department of City and Metropolitan Planning, University of Utah
    “Campus as a Living Lab: Embedded Research for Sustainability Innovation in the Built Environment”
     Read more here
DECEMBER 1, 2020
  • Joan Nassauer, Professor of Landscape Architecture, University of Michigan
    “Cues to care in socio-hydro-ecological systems”
    This talk will describe how mechanisms for the effectiveness of cues to care relate to properties of socio-hydro-ecological systems as exemplified by a transdisciplinary green stormwater infrastructure project in Detroit, MI, USA.
    Read more here