Postdoctoral Mentoring

Postdoctoral mentoring is an important training component that expands beyond the traditional research experiences that a postdoc will obtain in an individual faculty lab. Postdoctoral fellows whose mentors are GCSC faculty affiliates are encouraged to participate in our cross-college mentoring program. This program is designed to engage first year and experienced postdocs with meaningful topics to help them gain knowledge and skills needed for successful careers. Participating in the program will help postdoctoral researchers be able to:

  • Build a strong interdisciplinary network
  • Locate career opportunities and prepare application materials
  • Navigate professional development issues for academic through private industry careers
  • Manage the complexities of developing independent careers
  • Develop balance between professional and personal obligations
  • Initiate creation of new courses
  • Communicate more effectively with individuals and groups
  • Develop and lead a research program:
    • Identify and successfully apply for research funding
    • Outline research responsibilities, assign tasks, and budget time of research group
    • Track project progress and prepare reports
    • Manage the financial and business enterprise associated with a research program
    • Manage, archive, and share data with peers and the broader scientific community
    • Work in multi-investigator teams
    • Engage under-represented groups, the public, and stakeholders in research and outreach
    • Assess and evaluate work quality of peers and self
    • Judge ethical considerations related to research and professional activities

Postdoctoral scholars who wish to participate should email GCSC Program Coordinator Laurie Mecham with your name, email, faculty advisor, and area of research.