Affiliated Centers

The GCSC’s three affiliated centers bring scholars together around specific research themes to help facilitate interdisciplinary strategies and solutions. These centers are independent entities that share infrastructure and support with the GCSC.

U Water Center

The U Water Center advances solutions to urgent water security challenges. The center combines the research trajectory of the USAID-funded U.S.-Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Water (USPCASW) and the NSF-funded iUTAH project, forming a catalyzing hub for water research and associated activities at the university.


Society, Water, & Climate Research Group

This interdisciplinary faculty group connects research on hydrology, air quality, climate change, societal response, and policy, seeking to meld multiple scientific perspectives to lead society towards sustainable water solutions in a changing world.


Center for Ecological Planning and Design

The Center for Ecological Planning and Design’s mission is to draw on multiple disciplines to understand and shape our environment by interweaving research and practice in human, biophysical, and built systems – people, place, and design. By integrating planning and design processes with research, we strive to create communities that are adaptive to place, socially and ecologically just, and have high quality of life.