Graduate Fellows

“The GCSC effectively brought me to the University of Utah. My advisor’s affiliation, the financial support, as well as the promise of interdisciplinary training were simply too good to pass up. I have been elated by the opportunity to dive into collaborative, interdisciplinary work, and even more appreciative of the passionate community within the GCSC.”

– Chris Zajchowski, GCSC Fellow

The GCSC First Year Fellowship helps attract top students who have research interests around the broad themes of the environment and sustainability, and who seek graduate training that extends beyond the scope of a single discipline. While these students will receive their degrees from different departments across campus, the GCSC provides interdisciplinary training experiences that will help prepare students for broad engagement and collaboration in the professional realm.

Who is eligible?

This opportunity is available to students in their first year of graduate study at the University of Utah who will be working with GCSC-affiliated faculty. Graduate student applicants who wish to be considered for this opportunity do not apply directly, but should signal their interest to their potential advisor or the Director of Graduate Studies in the department to which they are applying. Nominations for GCSC First Year Fellowships are submitted by affiliated Colleges to the GCSC Fellowship Committee. For information on fellowship requirements and the selection process, see About the First Year GCSC Fellowship.

GCSC Student Cohorts:

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