Resources for Students

We define student success holistically, and wish to contribute to an environment where students can thrive. We provide GCSC fellowships and funding for student research and professional development, which can ease some of the financial burdens that students face. The following are resources to support student safety and well-being.

The Center for Student Wellness provides resources to support student wellness in all areas of life: intellectual, physical, social, spiritual, financial, environmental, and emotional.

Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action – The OEO/AA is a professional resource dedicated to the University of Utah’s commitment to provide a fair and equitable environment for individuals to pursue their academic and professional endeavors and to equally access University programs. This is the office for

  • Affirmative action
  • Discrimination
  • Disability access and accommodation
  • Sexual misconduct

Read President Pershing’s statement on campus violence and resources and initiatives to create a safer campus.

Victim advocates help survivors of sexual and relationship violence navigate resources and find support so they can thrive after experiencing trauma.