Red Butte Creek Network

In 2013, The Wasatch Environmental Observatory (WEO) Red Butte Creek Network was constructed with support from the NSF funded iUTAH project (  The network consists of 4 Climate Stations, 7 Aquatic Stations, and 2 Storm Drain monitoring stations located from the headwaters of Red Butte Canyon to the confluence of Red Butte Creek and the Jordan River.  Sensors at each station measure a range of standard metrological and hydrologic variables at a fifteen minute time resolution.  Raw data with complete metadata is uploaded daily to the open access hydrologic data repository, (links below).  Contact Dr. Paul Brooks ( at the University of Utah with questions about the network.

Aerial photo of Red Butte Creek watershed showing locations of monitoring stations

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RAW Data
Quality Controlled Data
Rating Curves
Climate Stations:
GIRF Climate GIRF_C GIRF_C RAW Data GIRF_C QC Data n/a
Above Red Butte Reservoir Climate ARBR_C ARBR_C RAW Data ARBR_C QC Data n/a
Todds Meadow Climate TM_C TM_C RAW Data TM_C QC Data n/a
Knowlton Fork Climate KF_C KF_C RAW Data KF_C QC Data n/a

Aquatic Stations:

Lower Knowlton Fork Aquatic LKF_A LKF_A RAW Data LKF_A QC Data Discharge calculated using
flume. No published rating curve
Above Red Butte Reservoir Aquatic ARBR_A ARBR_A RAW Data ARBR_A QC Data USGS Station at this site — no rating curve
Red Butte Gate Aquatic RBG_A RBG_A RAW Data RBG_A QC Data RBG_A rating curves
Cottam’s Grove Aquatic CG_A CG_A RAW Data CG_A QC Data CG_A rating curves
Foothill Drive Aquatic: FD_A FD_A RAW Data FD_A QC Data FD_A rating curves
1300 E Aquatic: 1300E_A 1300E_A RAW Data 1300E_A QC Data Rating curve not yet published.
900 W Aquatic: 900W_A 900W_A RAW Data 900W_A QC Data Discharge calculated with insitu
velocity sensor. No rating curve

Storm Drain Stations:

Dentistry Storm Drain Dent_SD Dent_SD RAW Data Dent_SD QC Data n/a
Connor Road Storm Drain CR_SD CR_SD RAW Data CR_SD QC Data n/a