Student Projects

Student Research

In support of interdisciplinary student training, the GCSC offers research grants to eligible graduate students. These funds are awarded in support of thesis-related research that broadens a student's disciplinary focus into a new interdisciplinary direction. Grantees present their research at our annual Environment and Sustainability Research Symposium.

Projects that have been supported by GCSC Graduate Student Research grants are listed below.

Ralph Burillo collects samples from a brown stream

  Ralph Burillo collects samples


Jerry Schneider deploys an ozone monitor in the forest canopy (photo by Christian Ziegler).

Sarah Knutie

Sarah Knutie collects samples

Funded Student Research Projects

Global Changes and Society Project-based Course

Offered in the spring, the project-based course “Global Changes and Society” (SUST 6000) offers an interdisciplinary introduction to research related to global changes and sustainability. In this course, students from different disciplines Identify a theme or focus area, begin to learn the language and approaches of other disciplines around the theme, explore perspectives and approaches of different stakeholders, and develop a team project.

Read about the projects from each class.

Environment and Sustainability Research Symposium

Held every spring, the symposium provides a great opportunity for students from across campus to synthesize and present their research in a poster session. Presenters from past years are listed here.

Air Quality Scholars

The Air Quality Scholars program, sponsored by the Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs, the Sustainability Office, and the Global Change and Sustainability Center, provides scholarships, training, and engagement opportunities to U of U undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in understanding and improving air quality.


The GCSC also engages in partnerships that provide undergraduate students with training and mentoring that will help prepare them to address the complex challenges of sustainability and the environment, working in interdisciplinary teams, where data sharing, collaboration, and communication are essential.