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Dearing honored for mammalogy research

Denise Dearing has been recognized for her pioneering research on mammalian herbivores in ecological communities.

GCSC Fellows 2014-15

The GCSC is happy to welcome a new cohort of graduate fellows from seven different colleges. Meet them here.


Sustainability related courses

If you are looking for sustainability-related courses, click over to the Sustainabilty Resource Center for an extensive list of courses.

4000-year-old pattern; insights into climate and weather

Gabe Bowen's study shows the jet stream pattern that brings North American wintertime weather extremes is millennia old.

2013 Annual Report

The GCSC Annual Report for 2013 features exciting faculty and student research, as well as an overview of GCSC events throughout the year. Download PDF.

2014 Research Symposium

Congratulations to the 43 graduate students who presented their research in a poster session at the 2014Environment and Sustainability Research Symposium. The event was attended by University faculty, students, and administration, including Sr. VP Ruth Watkins and Chief Sustainability Officer Amy Wildermuth. For a list of presentations, click here.

Nominate a Seminar Speaker

GCSC-affiliated faculty and their students are invited to nominate speakers for the GCSC Seminar Series.

Marorie Chan

Marjorie Chan Recognized by GSA

Professor of geology Marjorie Chan has been named the 2014 Distinguished International Lecturer by the Geological Society of America. "Dr. Chan has been a strong advocate and role model for women in science for the last three decades. She is active in encouraging women and minorities in science disciplines."

Randall Irmis

Randall Irmis Drills into the Triassic

Assistant Professor Randall Irmis, Geology and Geophysics, is part of The Colorado Plateau Coring Project, now engaged in collecting a continuous core through nearly the entire Triassic age section in Petrified Forest National Park, AZ. Read more


A Graduate Student's Outreach to K-12 Students

Biology graduate student Johanna Varner gets seventh graders excited about science with "Pika Palooza," while Brenda Bowen does a workshop to involve high school students with science by looking at Red Butte Creek.

Clayton and Dearing Receive Biodiversity Awards

The NSF's Dimensions of Biodiversity grants support research that "has the potential to revolutionize" practices relevant to climate change, medicine, and agriculture. GCSC faculty affiliates Denise Dearing and Dale Clayton each have been awarded grants to deepen our understanding of biodiversity. READ MORE.

iUTAH Opportunities

innovative Urban Transitions and Aridregion Hydro-sustainability (iUTAH) is an interdisciplinary, statewide effort dedicated to maintaining and improving water sustainability in Utah. Opportunities are listed here.

Endres Receives Award to Study Scientists' Communication

Associate Professor of Communication Danielle Endres was awarded a collaborative research grant from the NSF. The research aims to advance our knowledge of how scientists and engineers reason and communicate with policy makers. MORE

Clayton Recieves Distinguished Innovation and Impact Award

Dale Clayton has been recognized by the University of Utah for an invention that destroys head lice without toxic chemicals. MORE

2012 Annual Report

Our first Annual Report gives an overview of GCSC-affiliated faculty research and publications, an introduction to our graduate Fellows, and a report on other projects and events through the year. Download PDF

Red Butte Creek: Educational and Natural Resource

GCSC faculty and students recognize Red Butte Creek as both an opportunity for research and training and a resource that needs to be protected. Read more about the Global Changes and Society project here, and see the Office of Sustainability article here.

GCSC Events

seminars 2014-15

The GCSC Seminar Series will begin on August 26, 2014. You can nominate a speaker here.

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