Faculty Research Retreats

Faculty retreats at the Taft- Nicholson Center in Centennial Valley, Montana aim to motivate, explore, and inspire new faculty-led research and scholarship from across the disciplines. Download flyer. Apply here.


Wasatch experience workshop

Wasatch Experience Teaching Workshop

Applications are being accepted for this workshop which helps faculty and doctoral TAs integrate sustainability into the curriculum. Read more here and on the Sustainable Utah blog.

Utah Atmospheric Trace Gas & Air Quality Lab

Utah Atmospheric Trace Gas & Air Quality (UATAQ) lab began as a joint effort between the GCSC and the Departments of Biology and Atmospheric Science. UATAQ collects and analyzes trace gas and air quality data, aiming to understand the spatial distribution and long term trends in Utah.

Real People, Real Air Quality Stories

Read the winning entries from a Global Changes and Society class project, MovingU, bringing attention to the effects of poor air quality on members of the University community.